Sunday, May 31, 2009

How To Completely Format Your Nokia Mobile Phone

This simple method will completely format you Nokia symbian phone as you got it brand new. Everything will be erased- contacts, settings, applications and anything at all that you added after you bought your phone.

It is very simple.

1. First turn off your phone.

2. This can be very tricky. You might wanna ask for some help from someone.
Press and hold the the (*) key, the number (3) on the keypad and the green call button simultaneously and press the power button without leaving the other keys till you see Nokia on the screen. I might have to say this again you have to press all the four buttons i.e. first the 3 keys mentioned above then the power button simultaneoulsy and hold on till you see Nokia on your phone. If it doesnt work try holding for longer.

3. If it asks for the country and time settings, that means your phone is completely formatted.

Congratulations.. :))

You have a brand new phone.

This must work on most of the symbian phones.

If you have ant questions, please leave a comment and i will answer immediately.

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