Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Google Earth for iPhone Shrinks The Whole World On To Your Finger Tips

Technology has made our world small. But Google and Apple, they made it even smaller. Google has launched a custom multi touch version of Google Earth for Apple's i Phone. Google Earth has been available for the desktop for about three years. This version for the i phone (and i-pod touch) makes it the first ever mobile version.

The application replicates the hard-core experience of the desktop version, but with a touch to it. Powered with apple's multi touch technology, it makes it even more better. The whole world is now at the tip of your fingers. You can now zoom in and out, pan and tilt the earth with just the flick of you fingers. It also uses the i Phones in-built accelerometers make it possible to adjust the viewing angle by tilting the phone. You can zoom in the same way as in the iPhone's browser:by pinching fingers together on the screen. Google Earth also includes links to more than 8 million geo-located Panoramio photos. iPhone-equipped travelers now have the opportunity to see where they're headed before they get there .

The handset version of Google Earth is available now as a free download through the iPhone App Store.

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